आय-केअर वागणूक

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राव , विचार कर आनी वागप

आमचो जीव वाचवपाचो नेम पाळचो

सगळे गरजेचे पीपीई आनी मान्यताय मेळिल्लीं साधनां वापरात

कार्य करचे पयलीं कामाचे मुल्यांकन तयार करप

चलतना & जिनो / शिडी वापरतना जतनाय घेयात

आणीबाणीच्या वेळार सदांच तयार रावचें

कितें तरी पळयलें? ताचेर कितें तरी सांगप आनी करप


From the Essity I Care webshop you can order printed copies of our I Care Behaviors posters and stickers. Payment and delivery are handled through the webshop.

You can also download digital print files of the posters and stickers to print them locally if you so choose.
Download of print files is free.

Test your knowledge about the I Care Behaviors:

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