I choose to comply with our Life Saving Rules

Our Life Saving Rules are designed to protect when working with:

Hazardous Machinery

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These rules will ensure that employees are not exposed to any hazard from such machines during the various operating conditions.

I'm committed to:

  • Only operate machines and operating conditions that I am qualified for
  • Respect all safety devices and engineering controls
  • Stop machines if unsafe conditions to continue a safe operation are identified and report them
  • Always follow the job safety procedures
  • Stay away from and never reach into moving parts (line of fire)
  • Obtain authorization before disabling or overriding a safety device
  • I will not take a shortcut when conducting work at the machine
  • If I am unsure of the requirements I will stop work immediately and contact my supervisor

Test your knowledge when it comes to working with Hazardous Machinery:


From the Essity I Care webshop you can order printed copies of our Hazardous Machinery posters. Payment and delivery are handled through the webshop.

You can also download digital print files of the posters and print them locally if you so choose.
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