I choose to comply with our Life Saving Rules

Our Life Saving Rules are designed to protect when working with:

Confined Spaces

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Confined space entry rules will ensure that team members are not exposed to non-life supporting atmospheres or products that could cause fatalities.

I'm committed to:

  • Enter a confined space only if qualified for the job
  • Adhere to the control measures and rescue arrangements, established procedures, permits and risk assessments
  • Measure air quality and temperature before accessing a confined space and continue monitoring while inside
  • Only use PPE, equipment and tool that are approved, inspected, and maintained
  • Access a confined space only if I’m physically and mentally fit
  • I will only enter a confined space when there is a competent manhole guard
  • If I am unsure of the requirements I will stop work immediately and contact my supervisor

Test your knowledge when it comes to working with Confined Spaces:

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